Driving Social Change with Integrative Knowledge

President, Kyushu University

Tatsuro Ishibashi

Kyushu University is selected as a Designated National University Corporation by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in November 22, 2021.

The vision towards 2030 is Kyushu University will become “A university that drives social change with integrative knowledge” that drives social change with integrative knowledge fusing the entire spectrum of knowledge from the Natural Sciences to the Humanities and Social Sciences, even includes Design. With the integrative knowledge, we will contribute to solving social issues and reforming social and economic systems.

In this proposal, we have set two top-priorities. First, to address solutions to social issues through cutting-edge research by leveraging the strengths and characteristics of the university, with “Decarbonization”, “Medicine and Health” and “Environment and Food” as entry points. The other is to serve a role in leading social change with digital transformation (DX).

Our drives are for these initiatives with diverse stakeholders, making social reform by integrative-knowledge and spread from Fukuoka, Kyushu, across Japan, Asia and the rest of the world to contribute to the creation of a society that achieves sustainable social development and manages diverse realizations toward well-being.

What is a Designated National University Corporation ?

With the revision of the National University Corporation Law, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology may designate national university corporations to foster innovation, develop world-class education and research activities to improve the level of education and research at Japanese universities.
Designated National University Corporation is expected to enhance research capabilities with the world, to play an active role in promoting achievements for economic and social development as a leader of university “reform”.
In order to fulfill this role, there are special provisions to Designated National University Corporations such as funding specific companies that utilize their achievements.

Kyushu University formulate ”Kyushu University Vision 2030” for the realization of “A university that drives social change with integrative knowledge.”

Top priority issues

Becoming a green innovation hub in collaboration with the Kyushu-Fukuoka region to achieve the goals of decarbonizing society by 2050.

Focus on disease prediction and early detection; preservation of healthy physical function and telemedicine; and precision medicine and innovative treatment.

To tackle research on oceanic and atmospheric environments, agriculture and food in areas including breeding technologies and the inventive use of non-edible resources.

Developing data-driven education, research, and medicine that will “continuously create new value” to realize our goal "Society5.0".