University’s Vision and Proposal

Since its onset, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our lives and its tremendous economic and social costs have yet to be fully grasped. Kyushu University must contribute to reforming and restructuring social and economic systems. It is a significant role to play in becoming a world-class platform for new value of research and creating innovation by stimulating international talent circulation.

As a Designated National University Corporation, Kyushu University strives to be “a university that drives social change with integrative knowledge” fusing the entire spectrum of knowledge from the Natural Sciences to the Humanities and Social Sciences. Kyushu University serves as a platform for knowledge that drives world- class research and education from Fukuoka, Kyushu, operating in close connection in Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. Kyushu University will contribute to the creation of a society that achieves sustainable social development and manages diverse realizations toward well-being.

Initiative to realize the Vision


Forming a world-class research and education base

We will advance our research and educational capabilities, identify new research fields where we have potential to lead the world, and become a world-class research and education hub capable of producing integrative knowledge to bring about change in socio-economic systems.

Steps to enhance teaching to train professionals who create new value Development of value-creating human resources through education

We will foster the next generation to realize Society 5.0 with the ability to integrate knowledge from multiple fields, design a new society, and create new value through comprehensive knowledge. Education and research are inseparable, especially in the doctoral course, we develop education that is conscious of the formation of a wide range of career paths in anticipation of not only top-tier researchers but also highly specialized professionals.

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Education to create integrative knowledge
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Team-Based Learning (TBL)
  • Incorporating Design Thinking into STEM
  • Education to cultivate entrepreneurship
Key skills for DX
  • Improving data literacy in all departments
  • Fostering mathematics and data science
Education in a global perspective
  • Fulfilment of International Courses and Programs
  • COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) education expansion
  • Enhancement and Expansion of Double and Joint Degrees
Enhancing education and support for Ph.D. programs
  • Implementation of interdisciplinary degree programs
  • Financial and career-path development support
Boosting research capabilities to compete with the world

By strategically allocating on-campus resources (people, equipment, money, space, time), we support basic academic research to social development research, free and vigorous research by each researcher, and joint research by researchers. We will strive to expand our strengths and distinctive research fields, which will receive strategically focused investment, and attract and train excellent researchers who will be the source of innovation.

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Creation of integrative knowledge, reinforcement of cutting-edge research, discovery of new fields
  • Coordinated university research strategy
  • To strengthen administrative and control functions
  • To find advanced research and theory generated through integrative knowledge
Recruitment and training prominent researchers
  • Providing research facilities, environment and funds for young researchers engaged in original research to enable them to concentrate on their work fully (Inamori Frontier Program)
  • Providing opportunities for female and young researchers to challenge world-class research and education (SENTAN-Q)
  • Support for life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare
Improving research environment
  • Maintaining three months per year for research (FQR:Free Quarter for Research)
  • Research and education support from retired faculty
  • Research equipment and facilities sharing
International collaboration

To enhance our function as a hub for international talent circulation which a university is highly rated due to their validate research results and to attract excellent students and researchers, we will establish international collaborative relationship with our strategic partners and build an environment to help promote such relationship.

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Enhancing global education
  • International programs enhancement
  • COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) education expansion
  • Double and joint degrees enhancement
  • Learner-centered Japanese language education with DX
Research and leadership
  • Fund matching for international collaboration
  • Training global leaders with Global Young Academy
  • Revitalization of international joint research through cross-appointments
Building a global environment
  • Bilingual education system
  • Overseas alumni associations and networks
Strengthening international partnerships
  • Expansion of strategical key partner universities
  • Participation in consortium of world-leading universities
  • Global Advisory Board
Working with the community

The Open Innovation Platform has been established as an interface for industry-academia-government collaboration activities. Industry, academia, government and the private sector will come together to form a forum for free discussion, free from organizational and institutional constraints, and promote social implementation through solving social problems and commercializing research results through medium and long-term vision, backcasting, project implementation, technology transfer of research results and support for start-ups. The income earned will be used to create a virtuous cycle of research result creation and social implementation, and initiatives will be taken to develop the results of research and education in society in various forms.

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Enhancement of open innovation functions
  • Open Innovation Platform (OIP)
  • Collaboration with various consortiums in the region (Kyushu University Regional Collaboration Platform)
  • External corporation functioning of industry-academia collaboration
Promoting social implementation
  • Institutional collaboration agreements
  • Support for university startups (GAP Fund/ STEP Fund, GAP Fund NEXT)
Development of Citizen Science
  • Science communication activities
  • Social experimental research and education activities
  • Recurrent education center
Strengthening university governance

In order to realize our vision, we will strengthen the university governance, solving social issues and advance society-changing actions through offering DX, and to strongly promote education, research and international collaborations.

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Reform into emphasizing management from operation
  • Drastic management reform through diversity
  • Reformation under President’s leadership
  • Rational policy making based on evidence
  • Resource allocation based on institutional goal evaluation
  • Stakeholder engagement through issue sharing
Strengthening our financial base

To realize the vision and to be able to distribute our limited resources to these efforts according to their strategic importance, we seek to diversify our income streams through more competitive funding so as to strengthen our financial base.

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Acquirement of external funds by enhancing research capabilities and securing fiscal resources by the President
  • Acquirement of competitive funding, based on strategies
  • Large-scale institutional agreements for joint and contract research
  • An increase of intellectual property revenue by strengthening industry-academia collaboration
  • Kyushu U alumni network and CEO Club
  • Private funds for supporting university startups